Monday, 18 February 2013


Prologue to a Project: a project for Cinema Stripped Down

Who is Robert Altman? He is among the most inspiring filmmakers who ever lived. He has altered generations of film making with his unique stylistic approaches. 

Our goal is to watch every Robert Altman film, to review them and rank them. For this director we have split up the load. Half of the films will be reviwed by Wilbert Takken, the other half by Timothy Andersson. This is done to lighten the load (as Altman has an equal amount of bad films to good ones).

Here is his complete filmography that we will be reviewing:

Countdown, 1967 Timothy Andersson
That Cold Day in the Park, 1969 Timothy Andersson
MASH, 1970 Wilbert Takken
Brewster McCloud, 1970 Wilbert Takken
McCabe & Mrs. Miller, 1971 Timothy Andersson
Images, 1972 Timothy Andersson
The Long Goodbye, 1973 Timothy Andersson
Thieves Like Us, 1974 Timothy Andersson
California Split, 1974 Wilbert Takken
Nashville, 1975 Wilbert Takken
Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, 1976 Wilbert Takken
3 Women, 1977 Wilbert Takken
A Wedding, 1978 Timothy Andersson
Quintet, 1979 Timothy Andersson
A Perfect Couple, 1979 Timothy Andersson
Popeye, 1980 Wilbert Takken
Comeback Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, 1982 Timothy Andersson
Streamers, 1983 Wilbert Takken
Secret Honor, 1984 Wilbert Takken
O.C. and Stiggs, 1985 Timothy Andersson
Fool For Love, 1985 Wilbert Takken
Beyond Therapy, 1987 Wilbert Takken
Vincent & Theo, 1990 Timothy Andersson
The Player, 1992 Wilbert Takken
Short Cuts, 1993 Timothy Andersson
Ready to Wear, 1994 Timothy Andersson
Kansas City, 1996 Timothy Andersson
The Gingerbread Man, 1998 Timothy Andersson
Cookie's Fortune, 1999 Wilbert Takken
Dr T and the Women, 2000 Wilbert Takken
Gosford Park, 2001 Wilbert Takken
The Company, 2003 Timothy Andersson
A Prairie Home Companion, 2006 Wilbert Takken
*Note: Tanner '88 and Tanner on Tanner are not include as they are miniseries; not films.
Well, that it I suppose. I hope you also decide to watch every Robert Altman film along with us!